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Medicare Carrier and Locality Lookup by Zip Code

This MDTool identifies the applicable Medicare carrier and locality for any postal zip code in the United States. Note that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) occasionally changes a zip code's Medicare locality assignment. Therefore, this utility is updated annually. The zip code/carrier-locality crosswalk is reported for each year, 2002-2015, so you can track these changes.

Per CMS, "a fee schedule is a complete listing of fees used by Medicare to pay doctors or other providers/suppliers. This comprehensive listing of fee maximums is used to reimburse a physician and/or other providers on a fee-for-service basis. CMS develops fee schedules for physicians, ambulance services, clinical laboratory services, and durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies."

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    Please enter the postal zip code for your medical practice or healthcare facility to find your matching state, CMS carrier and locality code.

    Enter the zip code for your medical practice or healthcare facility.  

    Below are the state, Medicare carrier & locality information for your zip code: 30339

    Medicare Year State Carrier Locality

    2015 GA 10202 01

    2014 GA 10202 01

    2013 GA 10202 01

    2012 GA 10202 01

    2011 GA 10202 01

    2010 GA 10202 01

    2009 GA 00511 01

    2008 GA 00511 01

    2007 GA 00511 01

    2006 GA 00511 01

    2005 GA 00511 01

    2004 GA 00511 01

    2003 GA 00511 01

    2002 GA 00511 01


    1. CPT® - Current Procedural Terminology codes copyrighted by American Medical Association.

    2. Par Fee - The fee allowed by Medicare for services provided by participating physicians. A participating physician agrees to accept Medicare's allowable as the full fee for the service provided. Medicare pays 80% of the allowed fee to the physician.

    3. Non Par Fee - The fee allowed by Medicare for services provided by non-participating physicians. This fee is 95% of the Medicare Par Fee. Medicare pays 80% of the Non-Par allowed fee to the patient or the physician depending on whether the non participating physician accepts assignment on the claim.

    4. Limiting Charge - The maximum amount that a non participating physician can charge a Medicare beneficiary. This amount is 115% of the Non Par Fee.