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Medicare DME (Durable Medical Equipment) Fee Schedule Lookup

Use this practice management tool to look up the Medicare fee schedules for durable medical equipment. This lookup tool will display all the quarterly releases of the Medicare DME fee schedule for the years 2006 through 2013. You have access to over thousands of historical DME fee records.

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Medicare DME Fee Schedule Lookup
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Lookup Results

HCPCS Code Description Payment

2017JANUARYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.470
2016JulyA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.470
2016JanuaryA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.470
2013JANUARYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.460
2012JULYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.460
2012JANUARYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.460
2011JULYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.450
2011JANUARYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.450
2010OCTOBERA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.450
2010JULYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.450
2010JANUARYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.450
2009JULYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.450
2009JANUARYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.450
2008JULYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.430
2008JANUARYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.430
2007JULYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.430
2007JANUARYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.430
2006JANUARYA4216Sterile water/saline, 10 ml$0.430


1. CPT - Current Procedural Terminology codes copyrighted by American Medical Association.

2. Par Fee - The fee allowed by Medicare for services provided by participating physicians. A participating physician agrees to accept Medicare's allowable as the full fee for the service provided. Medicare pays 80% of the allowed fee to the physician.

3. Non Par Fee - The fee allowed by Medicare for services provided by non-participating physicians. This fee is 95% of the Medicare Par Fee. Medicare pays 80% of the Non-Par allowed fee to the patient or the physician depending on whether the non participating physician accepts assignment on the claim.

4. Limiting Charge - The maximum amount that a non participating physician can charge a Medicare beneficiary. This amount is 115% of the Non Par Fee.

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