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Physician tools for Medicare fee schedule, coding analysis and more. MDTools is a web site dedicated to providing analytical tools and timely information to medical practices. These practice management tools are intended for use by physicians, practice administrators, office managers, insurance and reimbursement professionals and practice advisors including attorneys, consultants, and CPAs.

Information tools include the Medicare Fee Schedule Lookup that finds the Medicare fee for a specific CPT® code for your geographic area and the Medicare Fee Schedule Analyzer that lets you look up a batch (25 codes at a time) of area-specific Medicare fees. Both of these tools are designed to compare your practice fees to Medicare.

Analytical tools include:
  • Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Impact Analysis tool that allows calculates the aggregate dollar impact of changes in Medicare fees on your practice.
  • Overhead Analyzer that helps you categorize, analyze and benchmark your practice operating expenses.
  • Utilization Profiler that allows you to profile a practice or physician's E&M service volume and benchmark that to Medicare utilization by physicians in the same specialty and geographic area for purposes of billing and coding compliance
  • Coding Review Tool that allows you to retrospectively review the accuracy of coding and adequacy of and medical record documentation of E & M services.
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MDTools E&M Utilization Benchmark Review tool has been updated with the 2022 Medicare Part B Physician/Supplier Procedure Summary data.

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Our tools include medicare fee schedule lookup, fee analyzer, compliance benchmarking, CPT® coding review tool, overhead analyzer, and other important tools to aid professionals in evaluating and managing their practice.

Utilization Profiler
Medicare Physician CPT Code E&M Utilization Benchmarking Profiler
Overhead Analyzer
Medical practice overhead expenses analyzer

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Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Lookup

Find and compare a Medicare fee schedule for a specific CPT Code for years 2002 - 2023. Updated 03/05/2021

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Lookup Medicare drug fee schedule information (2005 to 2019) for your HCPCS drug code.

Medicare Lab Schedule Lookup

Find yearly fee schedules for your CPT lab code.

Medicare DME Fee Schedule Lookup

Search for durable medical equpiment fee schedules based CPT code.

Medicare Fee Schedule Analyzer

Compare up to 25 CPT Codes for recent annual Medicare physician fee schedules.

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Impact Analysis

Analyze reimbursement from changes in the fee schedule on your most utilized CPT codes.

Find Medicare Carrier & Locality by Zip Code

Use your ZIP Code to easily find your state's CMS carrier and locality code.